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Why wear copper? – Article inspired by the positive accounts of copper wearing customers!

As some of you might know, I build and sell rein chains and rein chain inspired jewelry. The bracelets are a fun and unique way to represent the cowboy lifestyle by rocking a piece of tack around your wrist that is used on your bridle horse bit set up and refined to jewelry quality

THEY ARE MADE OUT OF COPPER AND LOOK REALLY COOL but I am breaking away from my normal mode of writing for this blog to talk about a subject that numerous clients have hit upon when asked how they like the rein chain bracelet they have ordered. I have always built the bracelets out of copper with the knowledge that people buy them for the benefits that copper jewelry provides but I have never advertised that as a selling point because I never knew it to be actual fact, just word of mouth!

RECENTLY, AFTER HAVING WORN THE BRACELETS for an extended period of time, customers have been contacting me with testimonials expressing how much the copper seems to be helping them with joint pain in their hands, wrists, and as far up as their shoulders and neck!

At first I just stored the knowledge, reaffirming my choice of using copper for the bracelet material, but as more and more people have shared with me their success stories I have finally decided to go ahead and share with the rest of you why wearing copper can be beneficial! I am not by any means guaranteeing results but if it has worked for others why not pass on the knowledge? Especially when I know first hand how hard working people, not only in the ranching industry but others as well, accumulate their fair share of aches and pains.

*the following statements are provided through first hand accounts and internet research only and are not endorsed by a medical professional.

Health Benefits of Copper

First things first, copper is a required mineral used for several major processes in your body. Its main health benefits include the following:

  1. Copper is a natural anti-inflammatory

  2. It is essential for the production of melanin, which helps keep your hair, skin and eyes youthful

  3. It aids in protein transfer across membranes in the brain

  4. Enzymes created by copper battle free radicals, one of the primary causes of aging

  5. It aids in the efficient utilization of iron

Copper Absorption From a Bracelet

Although the scientific data backing up the claims of healing specifically by use of bracelets are lacking, two proven facts are 1) copper is essential in the body, and while it is ingested, it can 2) also be absorbed through the skin. Copper does not occur naturally in the body therefore it must be obtained by outside means; most people acquire small amounts of the mineral through the consumption of food or supplements. It can also be absorbed in small amounts through the skin where it is efficiently transferred to the blood stream, hence the popularity of copper bracelets.

According to one article I found, Glenda Tayler from writes:

The use of copper bracelets centers on reducing the joint pain and stiffness associated with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. For believers, this translates into more freedom of movement and joint flexibility. Although worn on the wrist, manufacturers report the bracelets are beneficial to stiff joints throughout the entire body.

The article also goes on to explain that microminerals of iron and zinc, present in the copper, combine with sweat on the skin. From there, the body absorbs these minerals explaining how it is possible for the transfer from bracelet to bloodstream to occur.


I won’t mention names, but here are some examples from customers:

  • Two of my friends, husband and wife, bought matching his and hers copper bracelets, she wanted them because of the way they looked and because she wanted to experiment with the copper benefits, her husband agreed to get one but later told me that he didn’t believe it would help him at all. One week goes by and they come into the bar I was at and he personally explained to me how excited he was about the lack of pain in his shoulder that usually plagued him at work!

  • Some customers have told me that they specifically buy them because they have always used copper bracelets as a method of pain management and their last bracelet wore out from daily use.

  • One customer wears a separate bracelet on each arm every day so that she knows each wrist gets the same amount of attention equally!

If you have not already explored the rest of my website, CLICK HERE to link to my products page so that you can order and try one out for yourself! Please let me know in the comment section if this was helpful and feel free to take a peek at the rest of my blog posts from PhoTopoAgriPhy! Ceily Rae Highberger

All photos in this blog post taken with my Sony Alpha 6000 and iPhone 6s

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