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The fact that anyone might be reading this at this very instant means that I have snuck onto some reclusive wifi connection...

…convinced my dinosaur computer to hook up to it, and have managed to score enough Internet juice to project this post into the great wide web.

Right now this is a “norm” for my life. At the end of the day I get to come home flip the Coleman gas light fixture on, take a nice wood powered sponge bath and eat some food cooked on the propane microwave. Then I plug into the nearest current bush outside and access my local smoke signal social media site!

Nah, at the moment it’s not quite full on camping mode… right now as most people are looking forward to Valentines day celebrations of fine dining and luxury comforts I write this from “winter camp” which does include a bunk house with running water! I think the most Valentines day excitement I look forward to is the rear end of a few hundred cows heading for new pasture.

In all seriousness though

Spending most of my time in places I have worked and lived with either limited or no electricity and Internet access can be difficult. Now days with things so technology and social media based, it can make networking and marketing a difficult task if you live somewhat off the grid so to speak. Acknowledging (and enjoying!) this limitation, there are certain things you get really skilled at:

1) EVERY time the pickup is running ALWAYS charge one or more cellular devices! Even if you are just driving down the road to check water, or put out mineral, or trailer to some pasture. A few minutes on the charger might mean the difference between getting that extremely cool roping shot or not.

2) WHENEVER the generator is fired up- say to use to use a drill or some other power tool necessary to fix a corral, immediately run for laptop and charger. Fuel is already getting guzzled by that noisy beast, you might as well utilize it, waste not!

3) IF and WHEN it rains or snows too much to make it out of the yard due to mud, ice, bald tires, a trailer full of horses or a combination of everything listed, make sure to utilize this down time and a charged computer (charged because you had the foresight take advantage of the generator running) to be productive: download and save pictures, edit photos, compose articles, watch a movie (because that’s the logical thing to do when its crappy outside), etc. etc.

4) IF YOU HAVE the option and the service, like I do at the moment writing this, take advantage of that hotspot setting to hook your computer up to your phone’s internet data!

5) MAKE sure to get the wifi password of every bar and restaurant that you might possibly end up in to save your data, and finally….

6) SOMETIMES IT IS necessary to use the fuel and drive to that big hill, the one that the cell towers can actually reach in order to send an important text or email.

Disclaimer: These tips only apply if it is absolutely necessary to the well being of your career or project you might be working on. Other wise, just enjoy being in the middle of nowhere, people can’t reach you- this is a good thing.

Until next time and Happy Valentines Day, Ceily Rae Highberger

All photos in “The iPhone Files” are taken with my iPhone 6s

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