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The love of Photography, Topography, and Agriculture.

What do you do when your tough minded hard working ranching life falls in love with your down to earth adventure loving artsy self? I call it Photopoagriphy… or put simply, the definition of my love for the land, livestock, and taking photos. Ok so the name is corny but I find that I don’t actually care a whole lot because it fits- which in my life is kind of a rarity. Most of the time I feel as if my interests and passions, opinions and beliefs are always trying to butt heads and not cooperate with each other, making it hard for me to categorize things in ways that make sense a lot of the time. Therefore, Photopoagriphy, as goofy as it sounds is here to stay for a while, at least until I find something better to call it, something that makes me sound slightly more professional… right, moving on.

The Blog More importantly, this IS a blog so why should you, the reader, even care to read what I have to share about Photopoagriphy in the first place?

Well… my plan for this blog is to share my photography, thoughts, and opinions. I would like to stimulate commentary and discussions centered on ranching and agricultural, photography and adventure, and various subjects addressing our times. Subjects of importance that impact us; land, agriculture, conservation, utilization of resources, etc. I hope to learn from this blog as well as provide things that hopefully others can learn from me as I learn them. Things like; photography tips, how to tutorials, new information and technology, etc. The general concept for the blog addresses the limitations of photographing the working world and finding ways to counter and embrace those limitations in order to accomplish my goal while developing my skills as a writer, photographer, rancher and horse woman!

About Me Now that the important stuff is out of the way and for lack of a more creative way to introduce myself more thoroughly, my name is Ceily Rae Highberger.

I am from a beautiful place called Red Lodge Montana;

I have two amazing parents, Tom and Denise, and an older brother/best friend, Buck. I graduated from Montana State University Bozeman with a degree in Agricultural Relations and a minor in Animal Science. What really gets me pumped is being outdoors, working with horses and livestock, having good friends, and experiencing as much as I can, wherever I can!

I know that what you just read is a very broad statement accompanied by a bare bones introduction, but I think it is easier to explain things in a different way, which is exactly why I am talking to you! The reason I do not feel the need to explain what makes me tick is because I can show you what does through this blog.

This blog is part of my journey to figure out what type of photographer I am using the resources I have available and fitting it in with the lifestyle that I love. What I really want is for you, the reader, to form your own opinion on my photography, relate with what I have to share, maybe learn something, and I hope that you enjoy my adventures as much as I do because honestly, these photographs and discussions are my personal bio and mission statement!


Ceily Rae Highberger

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